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Default RE: Sims for IMAC practice...

There is a scenery add-on available for AFPD that makes it a little more practical to use the sim for sequence practice. It's an enhancement to the Farmland scenery and it traces a box that is adjustable for depth etc. It puts up 45 degree lines and a 'loop' in the center. It has top and bottom lines, with a center altitude line also in the horizontal plane. There are vertical lines at the box ends and in the center and that's about it. Think of it as a 2D frame only, i.e., there's nothing to help with cross box depth. I found it is useful when first memorizing a sequence, just for the sheer mechanical exercise of going through it. Also helps if you want to throw in some severe cross wind scenarios to work on technique for maintaining wind correction angles through radiuses etc. Other than that, I don't think you can get too much else out of it. You have the classic problem of not being able to really see where you're at relative to the scenery, how high it is in verticals if they get even slightly tall etc. It's better than nothing if you're snowed in anyway.