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Default RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?

Using Auto Recovery

I read a post in this thread that suggested using the auto recovery feature of the Ti Pro if you begin to lose control of your helo due to high altitude and/or wind. This feature must be programmed before it will work and is utilized for a loss of signal from the transmitter due to distance, loose antenna or a low/dead transmitter battery. DFI strongly advises that you never use this method as a conscious option to recover your helo from those circumstances if you can avoid it because I think it's not a guaranteed safe/soft landing but better than a freefall. However, if I see my $1000+ machine moving into oblivion and there is no other option for recovery like if it is going to crash into an open body of water and sink without a trace or disappear into a bottomless pit, then I'm going to do it because there's nothing to lose.

The very first day that I flew there was a slight breeze and I had no business trying to learn the first day with those conditions, therefore, I got misleading results. It was not the helos fault but mine. Anyway, I was so discouraged and aggravated with this damn thing that on my last attempt before the end of the day and in a wide open field, I floored the throttle from 0 to MAX and sent that thing to the moon [sm=lol.gif] to do my version of the SUPERDROP like Zennon did in his demo of easy recovery from a self-induced freefall. Ohhh, I shouldn't have done that! [X(] It went so high, at least 1000 ft, that I had to squint to barely see it so I let off of the throttle to begin a descent and that wasn't doing it fast enough! It was drifting more and more over towards the treeline which would have been the point of no return with my lack of experience. So, what did I do, I cut the throttle all the way down and it began to fall like a cinder block and my heart went to my feet! [X(] At the last minute, when it was just below the height of the power lines that crossed the field, I just floored the throttle and that thing just put on the brakes and stopped cold in mid air. It beats anything you've ever seen. By this time it was on the other side of a small rise in the field so I dropped the throttle again until it was at the crest of that rise and I jogged the throttle to give it one last cushion before touchdown which I couldn't see because of the rise. I then turned off my transmitter, big mistake! When I topped the rise, I saw the thing on the ground flippity flopping around upside down like a fish out of water. So, I turned the transmitter back on and it stopped. I then turned the helo off and assessed the supsrisingly small amount of damage, a broken rotor from the flipping around on the ground. Now I only use short freefalls sparingly to escape high altitude fast. If you want a real thrill, just do a SUPERDROP at your own risk, of course.