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Default RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?

Lipoly Critical Voltage Level

Oops! [X(] I have the Thunder Power 1320 mAh Lipoly packs with the DFI protection circuit. I wasn't paying attention yesterday and put an already depleated flight pack on the helo and attempted to take off. I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't lift off. Then I realized what I had done. All that I have read and heard is to never allow these packs to fall below 9.99 volts (3.3 v per cell), then not below 9 volts at the least, or it would flatline. [sm=confused.gif] I thought that was the mark of death for that pack so I immediately checked the voltage and sure enough, it had dropped to 8.67 volts. [] I thought that battery was done for but I charged it anyway and I couldn't believe that it charged back to a full 12.65 volts as always. So, I figured just because it charged to that voltage it would not necessarily provide an adequate run time. I cautiously flew with it keeping the helo low and close just in case but it performed as always, full power for 15 minutes with no issues. I was happy! I charged it again and it worked flawlessly. Maybe it's because I recharged it immediately after hitting that low level. So, I guess this means it is possible to bring these packs back from the dead as long as you hit them with the defibrilator immediately after it happens.