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Default RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?

Sky High, I like your style! This is so much more fun when you just turn on the Ti and fly high! I agree with you on virtually everything as you have described it. Every time I try to fly without the Ti I give up. Once I turned off my transmitter without having set the board right on the flyer that I left on and off she went for the sky at full throttle. I picked up the transmitter, turned it back on and took control back just in time. Just a few more seconds and it would have been out of sight.

Of the lights you provided links for which are the ones you used in the videos with the stobe on the tail and forward running light?

I too have thought that if I could see lights like that in the day it would solve that orientation problem. When the flyer is out hundreds of feet flight control "appears" to be delayed but I know that is due to the greater distance the flyer has to go for me to realize that it is moving laterally at all. Those lights should provide an instant orientation confirmation and could save valuable flight time on the battery that would be used to determine orientation in flight.

Weather in Illinois is bad now. We are setting record low temperatures now going below zero degrees F. Just a few weeks ago we had record highs. Wierd. I am waiting for the next wave of highs to come around...