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Default RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?

ORIGINAL: 1videoman1
Have you checked out the Luxeon LEDs? I thought you would be the one to know if those have any potential for use on the DF relative to your LED experiences.
I did take a look at those by doing a Google search and it initially looks like their 3 LED arrays would do well as far as brightness, however, they do require more power as you mentioned. I will check further.

Master control!? That's as stressful as air traffic control. I have punched a few live multi-cam shows myself. That's about as stressful as a DF at 1000 ft with a slight headwind! So when you say you operate 3 studio cameras, I assume they are the new robotic pedastal kind? That's where it's going. Our ABC affilliate has been using those for a while now as well as CNN Atlanta. Who owns your stations and when do they expect to be HD compliant?