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Default RE: 2006 Design Contest Official rules

(Latest post from BIPER)

.I've been asked by a couple of people if scaling down an existing model is OK for the contest. I'm not sure on this one. On the one hand, it isn't really what the contest is about; but on the other, it gets someone to scratch build for the first time. What do you guys think?

ORIGINAL: Bipe Flyer

The website for the design contest is http://www.donatelli.net/contest/

2006 1/2A Design Contest Rules

( My Thoughts on the matter.These are just some ideas)DAVE B.

1. The model may be powered by any combination of engines as long as they are all internal combustion with none having a displacement larger than .061cu (1cc).

(allow the 1/2a electric power.Specify an inexpensive power system,comparable to a glow eng.(battery and MOTOR)And no variations from that(.The aircraft Must be capable of accepting a Glow engine with no major MODS).It allows folks who don`t want glow engines to play the game, with the rest of us)

2. There are no restrictions on model design as long as it is designed and built by the entrant. I.E. the model can be scale, sport, twin, profile, control line, free flight etc.

(I too, was hoping to use the assistance of a plan(scaled ,to be capable of useing, the contests power requirements)I`m really new to the Scratch building aspects.And have found that alone, to be a very big challenge in itself...HOW about , a scratch built plane,from plans(1`st year entry only).REQUIRE photo documenting of the build,proving that the entrant,did NOT, use a boxed kit??)

3. Teams are allowed.

(HELP is always good.Every one has no problem shareing,their ideas and tips.I really like the freedom, of being able to ask others in these forums for suggestions,and not being considered an Idiot,for asking)

4. The contest starts Jan. 1, 2006 and all entries must be completed and flown by April 30, 2006.

(This rule has been tossed .Some folks have started building,in previous Contests(You know who you are LOL)..

5. Judging will be for one week with 5 votes allocated for each entrant to use and a single vote for any visitors to the contest site. The entrants will vote on 3 planes with 3 votes for 1st, 2 votes for 2nd and 1 vote for 3rd.

( I`m not quite clear on this.I count a total of 6 votes as posted above)

If people want to enter the contest , send me your name, RCU name and a password for the contest site. DO NOT send me your RCU password. Send me a new password that you want to use for the contest site. The contest website will be at http://www.donatelli.net/contest .

.ANDREW maybe us 1`st year entrants can be cut a bit of slack, in regards, to some of the rules.But not on the 2`nd year,.The 2`nd year ,and later ,have to follow ,Your Strict ruleing,from the 2`nd year on..If these ideas are no good.I have ideas for a design ,and will go that route...I`m thinking some changes ,will get more people involved ,that would otherwise not participate..The more folks entered ,is all the BETTER .Please don`t feel obligated,these are just ideas for everyone to think about..Dave B.