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Default RE: what planes to buy?

Well I'll tell ya right now to not even attempt a jet for you first 2 years, I don't care what your ability to learn is or your abition to strive for flying a jet is. Find a local club and get instruction. the alpha trainer or any trainer is fine. Everyone will tell you their first trainer and call it the best. I've flown all the trainers and they all fly the same, Its a freakin trainer.
Basically a jet would be your 8-9th model

get a trainer and learn to fly it. when you get bored flying it, that's when you need to use it as the tool it's intended to be. IF your seriouse about being a jet pilot then you need to start out from square one flying by the numbers. that means persion, disiplined flying. Their is no room for dorking around.

Just becuase your ultimate goal is jets don't leave out the tail draggers. most if not all of the high powered prop models are tail draggers. If your worried about the cost of all these models then you have no business in jets. Since the jet pilots are pretty well skys the limit when it come to their models. your average turbine model is running 6000+ bucks US

AS far as what to get
2)super sport or tiger low wing trainer.
3)some sort of highly mannerverable
4)High wing sport model, clipped j-3 cub, super decatholon , cesna. basically a semi semetrical high winged model
5)sonic 500 with a weak 40 like an OSla
6)sonic 500 with a hot- to quicky class 40 or a GP viper get good with these. you can get the viper to about the govered speed of jets. with some renforcing it can take more
7)patriot. can either get this or go to a ducted fan jet go through a couple of these before dealing with a turbine

the AV8R is the best first turbine model.