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Default RE: Cellpro 4s Balancing Charger

I'm sure you have read Red Scholefield's column in the March issue on Model Aviation. -----Wouldn't be nice for the industry to standardize on the Balance connector.--- Your CellPro batteries have been out for some time with no connectors or adaptors available to connect to this port. I ask FMA technical support for connector information and they refused to provide this; stating liability concerns. I know that your are aware that there are other vendors that make balancing circuitry and chargers that connect to balance ports. I'd like to have that option.
I think this information should be made available, or at least you should sell a mating connector.
Ideally, there could be a "Standard" established across the industry. I ask Red to help get this extablished.
The connector on the CellPro batteries seems to be a 2 mm pitch connector. Does anyone know the manufacture and model number?