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Default RE: $1000 race against 3 speed savage do i have a chance

the sh 28 revs at 28,000 rpms with top hp of 3.6 or .5 which ever place you look havent done any top speed tests with mine yet still to muddy to even be thinking about racing yet but my question to oneillz is where are you getting your engine ebay ? and from who rcmaill is good seller but finally which one are you getting i got the 3 port one but the new one is a 6 port dont know how it will hold up since i like lower rpm engines anyway (more duration) rcmall recommends it but i havent looked yet since mine is still running strong .. but when it blows i think im gonna get one old one and a new 6 port one just because this thing is great the only problem is finding parts that wont break