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Default RE: Phoenix Models Sukhoi SU-31 CG and engine Q's

Nice looking rebuild. You're a pretty good craftsman to reclaim a wreck and make it look brandnew.

I did notice something in the pictures that might be worth your consideration. To show it clearer, I took your last picture and straightened the perspective and added a couple of lines. The lines are to each side of what would be a centerline drawn through the center of the vertical stabilizer, the cockpit area, and the front of the fuselage up to where the cowl starts (the cowl hides the actual centerline from there forward).

If you look at where the spinner and engine are in the picture, you'll see what I'm illustrating.

If you happen to have some trimming problems with the airplane once you fly it in calmer winds, you might consider the thrust line of that engine. It looks to have maybe a couple of degrees left thrust, maybe more. I couldn't see what the up/down thrust was.
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