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Default RE: pull-pull cable w/tiny bb crimped on end

The termination issue for pull-pull stuff gives me a pain; there's really nothing out there (nothing I know of) that is an elegant termination. Yeah, the crimping method works- but it's ugly and- IMO- pretty crude- at least for something going on an airplane. Sullivan sells some threaded adaptors (2-56, not sure if they have them in 4-40) with a hole through the center. The last pull-pull I did consisted of these with the thin, vinyl coated stainless cable. Ran it through the adaptors with excess and crimped it (the adaptors are brass) then, after stripping the vinyl coating off the excess cable, tied a knot in the cable followed with a bit of CA to keep the knot together. It's overkill, I know, but redundancy is always a good thing when dealing with control surfaces (yeah, that thin stainless cable was pretty tricky to tie in a knot- but I "bent it to my will" and tied the knot)

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