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Default RE: 1st real flight coming up either Saturday or Tuesday.

Got in my 1st 3 flights last night and all went great. It would be dead calm then a breeze would kick up for a few minutes then get calm again. It was really hard to get myself to throttle up as I was not sure what to expect. Finally I just did it. Take off was easy. Circled around and realized there was more wind than I thought or it had kicked up again to the point the plane was not making much headway into the wind so I just kept it in the air above me till it calmed down then I practiced turning and coming down for a landing a few times then cut the throttle and floated down to a nice landing. The wind calmed down completely so I took off again for a few minutes before the motor cut off and I floated down to another nice soft landing. I recharged the battery and made another long flight before dark and all was great. I got up this morning and it was calm so I went to fly again. Forgot to screw the antenna in the Tx and I left it at home. Doh!! Went home and got antenna. Breeze was beginning to pick up every now and then but I went for it anyhow. After fling around a bit the breeze got stronger and started blowing the plane around into a circle each time I would try to head into the wind and it was getting harder to turn it around and getting a long ways off so I decide to bring it down. I cut the throttle and headed it toward the ground and thought it was down when I see it come back up in a big loop and back down. Got the plane and headed home and then noticed the prop shaft was bent. Took the shaft off and straightened it back out, don't want to do that again. Tested it on the plane for vibration and all was good. Went out again this afternoon and made my longest flight yet. Was calm then a light breeze started blowing so I would just fight my way upwind then circle back around. It started blowing stronger so I just cut the throttle when I came back around into the wind and floated down for a landing. With a light breeze it was a pain just keeping the plane going where I wanted it and really took the fun out. I would guess it was about a 5 mph at times. This morning it kicked up closer to 10 mph. The weather man said 5-10 mph winds. I guess I will limit my flights to late evening when it gets dead calm because 0-5 mph is as good as it gets during the day.
As far as the fling went I had no problems with the controls and orientation because for all the practice on the flight sim. The actual flight was close to the sim. I would react naturally to whatever the plane did just like in the sim. Even flying in high wind and letting the plane get to far downwind and crashing was the same, lol. The slowstick I downloaded from rc.sim.de flies really close to my slowstick except the real wind seems to have more effect on the real plane. I would have to crank the wind up way up on the sim to get close to the same effects, more like 15 mph to get the plane to act like the real plane in 5 mph wind. I don't think there is any way I would have made even my 1st flight without practicing so much on the sim 1st.