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Default RE: Sig King Kobra info


I have two flying Kougars and a King Kobra. One of the Kougars is a pound overweight from the 6 major crashes that should have been total losses. Although the fuselage looks like a banana and it is over weight and very ugly it is my favorite airplane to fly. My friends make fun of me because I don’t fly my pretty airplanes. They don’t know what they are missing.

Thats funny because I have (had) an old Kougar with a close to 20 year
old airframe. Its ugly and beat up. Has a cracked and patched up cowl
and loose bits of covering with lots of patches and more epoxy than
any 3 planes ought to have. And it flies great.

My friends also give me hard time about flying that old beater when
I have nicer planes I could fly. I flew the old Kougar in our club
pylon race recently and did quite well until the 4th race. A not
so nice impact with very unforgiving ground. But Im going to rebuild it.
It will be heavier and even uglier but will fly just as good.

I have a King Kobra kit on the shelf. But Im saving it for another day.
They are a bit hard to come by these days.

Mike Hammer
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