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Default Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...

Ok - I was gonna save it. But its got too boring in here recently.

Wheres all the dremel frenzy modding gone? Cmon guys - pull a finger out!

Azzman had a surplus of OS engines, so I gave him a hand sorting that problem out. Thanks mate, no complaints so far - how small is the P/S??? - and hey if Id remembered to actually pay customrccars, then maybe theyd have posted the other tranny parts to me too... on their way now... doh.

I found a complete centre diff from a Hyper 7, with a spider diff, brakes and linkage for a good price - US not UK, so gonna be a bit before it gets here. But it looks nice.

Ive gone for the cen steel 47 & 44t spurs from customrccars and the 14/17 steel bell. I want the hpi 11/14, but ebay is hopeless, as are my fairly lhs`s...

Could do with cens 1st gear alloy hub, Im really struggling on this one, so any help is appreciated here. Part number is G84302-04. Ill email customrc and see if they can get one or two for me. Only other things I need are a savage header and a decent pipe (ie 2060) to compliment the motor.

The purple chassis is the centre diff, as u know, and is up and running, albeit a bit manic.

Bollox - cant upload pics...

Aha - now I can...
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