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Default RE: Sig King Kobra info


Wow! you're really taking me back waaaay back but if I recall I had 40/60 size Spring Air's and a Mac's pipe and header. I switched to an OS 60 then back to the Fox 60. I really got a kick out of the English blokes when they saw that Kobra fly with the Fox and ask what engine I had on it. When I said Fox, they would get this strange look on their faces and say !QUOT!Fox what's a Fox!QUOT!.
I installed the retracts per the instructions with the kit (what little they had) and the instructions with the retracts. I flew off grass fields just about 100% of the time and never had any problems with the retracts at all.
For two years, that was the only plane I had flying and I flew it several times a week unfortunately, the only crash I had was "THE" crash.