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Tinybaum and Frank88888888, I have done business with Toyhaus and had a similar experience as Poor Judgement, maybe not the customs issue but it did take them 3 weeks to ship parts that they had in stock. The main frustration with them wasn't the time that it took but they instantly bill my CC and then decided to send the parts 3 weeks later after I had to call them. But I will still do business with them even after the problems that I have had, mainly because of the lack of online vendors.

I am not the slightest bit concerned if what Poor Judgement did is right or wrong and I am a little disapointed with Custom RC's response but the fortunate out come of this is that Custom RC might pay a little closer attention to over seas shipments or require that an over seas shipment gets a tracking number. Over seas customers are now aware of the problem and can decide if they want to deal with Irvine or take their chance with Custom RC or use CEN's online shop.