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Default RE: 50cc engine choice

Thanks to all the Taurus owners for the kind remarks. Our goal was to make and engine that was a quality product,user friendly, powerful and reliable and try to be competitively priced(not always the case.) Marketing,advertising and sponship Do play a significant part. At Taurus we know that. But we elect to spend our dollars in doing what we do to make our engines the way our customers would want.
As several have said "the needles are preset for what the factory conditions are @600'MSL. and to run a little rich for break in." Too many factors are involved such as oil used, fuel used, altittude etc. so each engine must be fine tuned by the user for their local, even a prop or muffler can make a difference.Too small a muffler(exhaust diverter) chokes the engine resulting in loss of power. In the case of Taurus, if you have any comments questions or whatever, contact us, we made it. The dumbest question is the one that is never asked. We are here for the customer. Heck we are now even doing service for Brison customers when we can.