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Default RE: hit a bird with plane.

Yeah, Winfield hit a seagull. I knew he hit a bird. And then randy johnson did it again in 01'. Sucks for those birds but there is no way you can say that winfield and johnson were trying to do that. NO WAY.

This kid at was trying to hit the bird. That is f***ed up big time. The guy that mentioned that their RC field will be shut down, you should find the jerk that almost had your field shut down and slap him a few times. Not hard slaps but the kinds that wake a person up.

I somehow still can't find the RC humor in this thread. I've hunted foul for food. They are good eating (quail, Pigeon etc.) and went for a good cause. Fed myself and my platoon many times from bird foul when our supplies were low.

Other than that, I try to respect creatures large and small. I even pick up cockroaches and put them outside when I find one in my bathroom or kitchen. So someday if they do rule the earth, maybe they will let a human go here and there. Never know.