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Default RE: 50cc engine choice

ORIGINAL: Josey Wales

Its funny...I have about 3 rc clubs around me..I go to one and mostly all DA 50's, 100's and 150's..go to club #2 Mostly 3W's in all sizes..the third has a few Zenoah's, DA's Brisons and 3W's..Ask any of the owners and they all say that they have had zero or minor issues with the engines..All the engines available today are top quality..See what the guys in your club fly..since you are new to gassers it might be a good idea to pick something that those guys are familiar with so you can get some setup help..there really isnt tTHAT much difference but it may make things easier to start..I dont think you will ever find the "cadillac" of gas engines they are all top quality..DA has sold thousands of 50's..you dont sell that many engines on pure marketing and advertising...Sometimes we get caught up on stuff we read on these RC forums and forget that these forums dont represent the whole RC world..Ill bet there are more guys that dont even use these forums than there are that do..


Unfortunately, the reason they don't utilize the forums is that computers still demand too much owner involvement to be useful, unless you're "in the hobby" already.

How often would you use your microwave or satellite TV system if you constantly had to worry about buying updates for the antivirus/ad blocking software? Then install it yourself and hope your appliance works at least as well as it did before you tried to "upgrade" it?

I've built PC computers for twenty years now and I'm finally getting tired of having to stay current with what is the latest and greatest, but even more challenging, what is compatible with how I use a computer?

Anyhoo, I know folks that had an internet connected computer for years that have finally thrown away the old computer when it broke and have not replaced it. They said that they have lots more free time for uses that add meaning to their lives, not to mention the money they are saving now that the cost of a new computer, software and the broadband subscription rates are gone.

Are you listening Microsoft? Your bubble is about to pop.

I would really miss RCU and the other forums that I visit via computer. I have established friendships around the world and that enrichens my life. But if I continue to proceed into senility at the present rate, it won't be too long until I will not be able to manage this machine and keep it going in the internet jungle.

...and that's why lots of R/C modelers are not participating on internet forums. So there. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. <G>

Ed Cregger