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Default Futaba 9150 with JR 10X

Hey guys,

I've been having a little trouble lately with my aileron servos in my Partner. The centering is pretty bad on them and it's causing the airplane to track very poorly in radii. They're Futaba 9150 low profile servos and I'm flying them with a 10X with an SPCM 649 receiver. The servos came in the airplane when I got it, and they're a little too odd of a size for me to want to change them out, if I can avoid it. Has anyone used these servos with this transmitter and noted any problems, or am I an anomoly? I've changed the servos out this evening, but just on the ground did not notice any difference in their behavior. I'll fly the airplane tomorrow and see if it changed anything, but just by the looks on the ground, it doesn't look like it's helped the problem any. I've not flown the airplane with another 10X to see if it's the aileron pot going in my transmitter, but I have not ruled that out either. I take good care of my radio, but it is going on five years old, and hasn't been sent in to Horizon for a checkup. If there is anyone out there that can comment from experience, I'd surely appreciate it! Thanks in advance.