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Default Dragon Fly Vs. Pin Hold Spy Cam

I bought my system from CSIG --- super nice guy (ben) I think it was $92.00 plus shipping it shipped same day i bought it.

Here is my first two flights -- I have plans to do some more video soon --- and have ordered a second camera from him


the movie is in quicktime format --- I captured onto my mac -- and used final cut to brighten it up --- the video is much better quality on my hard drive but it takes up 1.9 gig --- the quicktime version I posted to my website is only 19 meg

By the way I mounted the camera to my Hobby Zone Aerobird --- which for those who don't know is pretty small and slow --- it slowed it down a little but I can still some loops etc. with the camera attached.

The total weight of camera, wires, and battery is 2.3 ounces.

Let me know what you think