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Default Dragon Fly Vs. Pin Hold Spy Cam

Originally posted by closetflyer
Your objective research, and deep pockets, is benefit to us all

I think your video post sets standards for "perfect" system to mean. Anything less had better cost less!

Thanks again,

P.S. I see on your website you go Renaissance Fairs... have you heard of S.C.A?
Pockets have gotten pretty shallow of late. Yes, I actually thought about getting into the S.C.A. but those guys get too far into the lords and peasants aspect of the whole thing. Much better to wear what I want and act how I wish than have to answer to somebody that thinks he really is some kind of Lord.
Can do this when I want:

Off topic, I know, guys! Uh, I'm Mutazz Ibn Fubar, the big one.
Anyway, you cant do Turk with the S.C.A. which means missing out on a lot of fun.