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Default Volt,Amp,Watt,RPM,Windings......

Hi All,

I have belonged to the loud and messy tribe for a long time now. And am now
faced with having to switch to electrics if I want to continue flying.
Now with glow engines, I pretty much had an idea about how big an engine
could haul how big an airplane. Cubic inch is easy.

Not so with electrics. Everything seems related, and it looks to be near impossible
to figure out an exact match for a given model.

So what I'm looking for is websites that can teach me the basics behind engine selection, brushed or brushless, nr of cells, geared or non-geared, prop sizes etc etc. Most of all I am intriged by the term 'windings'. This term seems to be the
holy grail that only a select few seem to know the ins and outs of. I want to
learn that too.

What I did already find out is that electric engines are far more dangerous than their glow powered counterparts. My little finger can tell a story about that.