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Default clunk/ tank question

I have a Mayhem with an OS 70 4-stroke that dies when inverted. I got lots of help and ideas to try and fix that but, after examining the tank set up (I bought this used) Ive noticed that the tank clunk lays about an inch and a quarter from the rear of the tank..?? In level flight this would seem okay but, flying it vertical... or 3-D..ish might be a problem.... I seem to have good movement with the clunk in the tank as far as flopping or sliding goes... I have searched but cant find any good tank "set-up" help... also the manual says this line to carb other is vent/refuel line. Mine is used as a refuel line but has a brass plug for affixing during flight. Does this hender the "vent" part or does it get enough vent from the pressure line? (to muffler) aarrrggggg ... thanks for any advise...