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Ok, will research what brands you mentioned, when I tore the stator off of the first one, noticed the metelurgy was rather cheezy with the cans, the winds were also really sloppy, so I guess I wasted 65.00 a pop on my two. I assume you have taken a close eye to its innards of yours, going brushless is really expensive compared to brushed, regardless, complained to one of my LHS's about support for these and he's going to "talk" to eflight about it Tuesday to get my bearings since apparently nobody has ever doen their own repairs on their own and his initial solution was for me to contact them directly to have them fix it at their facility, which was the extent of his understanding on them.............................................. ............................................. Again reinforces why I am no longer going through the LHS for this expensive gear, I might as well be picking it up from the trunk of someones car, regardless, I told him to get me two set's of bearings and an extra retaining collor, I'll get both of them back online, just didn't want to have to divert to playing brushless scratch builder geek since I'd rather be building planes instead.

Thanks for your input and insight, I'm absorbing this stuff like a sponge and getting a good education about these here, what's sad, you have given me more support and have a much better understanding of what's going on then the vendors I bought them from in the first place and you made no profits on the initial transaction, nor are selling them to others, I'll take some time out tomorrow to write out the specs for you of what I have if it's necessary, didn't take the time to check out the connections being shorted yet since I got on a tangent with another scratch build plane this eve since rain is going to be around for a while so have time to get these issues addressed.