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It was so simple to pinpoint the problem after your input, I couldn't beleive these guys were dumbfounded when I brought in my whole shebang to show them what was going on in person. Unfortunately, hobby shops are more like toy stores these days, they think everybody only want's an ARF or RTF and that nobody has any interest in making their own planes or fixing their own gear any more. They complain about the web merchants eating into their bottom line, but I'm getting more and more of an education in areas I'd never wanted to in the first place just to keep flying because they refuse to learn about what they are selling in the first place. So far, am down to my last working brushed esc, all of the rest either fried because they were rated for a weak battery system, I had to learn that through trial and error, or the rest destroyed my RX's and after figuring that out, spent way too much learning the hard way, so like you, I share my own experiences so that others don't have to make the same mistakes.

Showing some of January's new creations here, each plane costed me max, 4.00 a piece and were only a couple days to make each, start to finish, front two maidened well and I pulled the gear and put it into the rear two that have yet to be properly maidened but have no worries about their flyability since I didn't deviate too far into theory, that and when I crash them, unlike an expensive arf, I can rebuild another in house easily without batting an eye. They used to look down at me for buying all of these odds and ends, knowing I could more cheaply get an ARF which includes the stuff, those same odds and ends have been used over and over, unlike what is normally supplied in the arf's, and in fact, am able to fabricate alot of them in house now so have even less of a reason to go in there. I've done my best in the past to support my LHS, but not seeing a reason to any more for obvious reasons, maby some day I'll start my own and really get back to the roots as to what a hobby shop is supposed to be about, I see the local ones always have clients frequenting them, so the market is there if they just knew how to follow up and take care of their clients with real support and figure out, there are alot of us that prefer to build our own planes and fix our own gear.

Again, thanks for your help !
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