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Default RE: RC Car Actions "How to port a Nitro Engine"

I bought a sanding kit for my demerls and also got some polishing compound. I finally figured out how to smooth and polish the surface work. Though the work is completely novice, I am quite proud of myself on what I have achieved. Since the K4.6 crank is an old one, I am not too concerned that I might have ruined it. I'll simply buy a new K4.6 crank on-line for about $16 (about $20 with S&H).

What I am trying to master is the ability and skill to cut smooth rounded surfaces without any faceted faces. That is really tough for me now.

After about 4 to 5 hours a couple of weekeneds ago, I heavily modified the crank I am working on and sculpted much the same features that Supertib has put on his D30M crank. The past two days, I sanded, smoothed, and polished the crank face. In all, I have put about maybe 8 hours of work.

My next attempt is to modify the induction port timing.