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Default Super Tigre 75 with a YS Carb


I have an old Super Tigre 75 that a friend at my local flying field handed me as a gift. It has a YS carb and I have never owned an engine with a YS carb. For fun the other night I mounted it to one of planes to see if it even cranked. I never expected much of the engine but had some spare time. To my surprise it started and idled pretty good. The needle assemble on the carb looks pretty familar except at the bottom of the needle valve there is a large metel wheel (approximately 1/2 in diameter). I am guessing this is the low end adjustment but it doesn't seem to do much.

After I started the engine and adjusted the high end, I ran it up. It runs up nice but then at full power the engine suddenly cuts out. It cuts out very quickly after reaching top speed. No matter what I do to the high end adjustment it has no effect.

Any thouhts.