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Default RE: super chipmunk 120

I've flown my several times this past summer. It flew with a Enya 1.55R 4-stroke. With this set up I cut a hatch in the rear of the plane and put the battery (3000 NiMH) alone with several oz. of lead to balance the plane. It does fly nice, but BEWARE, because the plywood that holds the landing gear in the wings will crack. Plus they are not glued in very well.
The first time I replaced one I was able to pull out the plywood with a pair of pliers. One yank and it just popped out. I have since replaced them both. First the left one let go, took the plane home repaired it. The next weekend the right side let go. Several weeks later back to the field and the planes flys nice.
Now with winter I'am taking out the Enya and putting in a Super Tiger 2300 2-stroke, just to see if I can get some of the weight out of the backend. I had a Goldberg Super Chipmonk with a Super Tiger .90 and loved it. I wish that the CMP Chipmonk flew as good, but it doesn't.