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ORIGINAL: lthibault


Can you provide me information for a glow to electric conversion.

The plane is a Kyosho Flip-3D 40 size airplane. Could you specify the required Motor, ESC and propellor? Lipos used will be two Thunder Power 4200MHA 3C in series.


* Length: 59 inches
* Width: 59 inches
* Total Weight: 5 pounds
* Wing Area: 60.0dmĀ²
* Airfoil: 20% symmetrical
* Motor: 2 stroke 46-50 class OR 4 stroke 52-63 class (both sold separately)
* Radio: 4 channel 5 Servos
Since this is a 3D airplane we want more thrust than speed so we would be shooting for 1.35-1.7 thrust to weight ratio. Assuming that the Flip will weigh in at 6 lbs with electric system (96 ounces). This translates to 130-163 ounces of thrust. We want to keep the prop speed around 50-70 mph. The batteries you are using are two 3-cell TP Li-polys in series which comes out to 6-cells, we should shoot for 50-60 amps draw at max throttle.

I have worked out a few examples:
For an Outrunner you want to stick with 350-500 Kv or so.

Axi 4130/16
390 Kv
52 amps
150 oz thrust
17 x 8 APC prop
prop speed 48 mph

Himaxx 5030-390
390 Kv
52 amps
150 oz thrust
16 x 8 APC prop
prop speed 52 mph

Here's a Neu ORK (Outrunner Killer)
Neu 1910/3Y
360 Kv
52.6 amps
163 oz thrust
18 x 8 APC prop
prop speed 45 mph

Here's a High Performance Inrunner with geardrive
Neu 1509/1.5Y
6.7-1 Gear ratio
56 amps
166 oz thrust
16 x 10 APC prop
prop speed 60 mph

The Outrunners will work fine with big props, as will the ORK, The inrunner is more efficient, can then produce more power, but is more expensive. These are typical examples of motors that will work. There are many others.

Since your batteries should easily produce up to 60 amps continuous, and we have set up the examples to draw under 60 amps. I would go for a 60 amps speed control. Also since you are using a 6-cell Li-Poly battery system you will need a high voltage BEC to run the receiver and servos Good examples are the Medusa Potencia 3.5 or the UBEC.