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Default RE: 9 CAP vs 9 VAP

Top Thumbs,
Don't get me wrong. I think the 9V is a great radio. I like a heavy well built Tx. The 9V feels just "right" when you hold it.
My biggest complaint about Futaba radios today is the cheezy plastic cases.
If you accidently get glow fuel or even exhaust on them. The metallic coating starts coming off.
I don't understand why a $1000.00+ radio wouldn't have a lightweight aluminum case.
The programming in the 9V just can't compare to todays offerings. I don't like trim sliders. They are to easy to bump and inadvertantly change your trims.

My problem is that new technology turns me on, and I'm old school as well.
My ideal Vette would be a 67 body, perfectly grafted to an 07 chassis and drivetrain, 1000+ HP with a big old rumbling exhaust, and without the black box!