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Default RE: Do wheel brakes exist for trainers?

Is there some reason you need them, or are you just curious about the idea?

It's not a 100% necessity, but there have been a couple of times where I think I could have used a wheel brake. One time, I knew I was out of runway after coming in a little fast, but also low on fuel, so I throttle up to try one more time and ran out of gas just as I left the ground. I quickly turned left to avoid the lake at the end of the runway and was able to land ok in some brush but broke my prop when my plane rolled into a hole. It flipped my plane, but only the prop was damaged.

I thought brakes would be a nice way to help stop my plane. It seems to roll forever once I land. Plus, I thought it would be interesting to install. If these brakes are available.

I bought 4 inch wheels to replace the original wheels.