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You're right RC maniac119, it's time to get down to the nitty gritty!
Attached are some photos that may help--
Photo 1- My Giant Stinger with one Parramax "Mike" mounted under the fuselage and 2 Robbie Charlys mounted on the wing. It was rigged initially to drop 4 jumpers but changed to 3 as the drag caused it to fly like??? Each jumper is released individually on command using a 9c Futaba Radio. Plenty of power!!!
2- My new Lift Meister from Cedar Hobbies---now a Jump Meister powered by a 35cc Evolution gasser! It has 2 "Mikes" mounted on drop boxes outboard of the fuselage by Carbon Fiber Rods (Skydivers idea) and one "Charly" under the fuselage. All are dropped on command with my new Spectrum radio. Each box has it's own Hitec 645mmg High Torque servos. Many guys use a setup similar to this with a number of variations on the drop box.
3- A closeup of my drop box. The jumper is held on by a velcro strap with a d ring on one end to hook over a 4-40 rod running from the servo inside the fuselage. The center box has the servo on the box like many other guys. I have tried rubber bands, a large cord and other things but have found the velcro works better than any other method.
4- The end result! I play "She Is A Grand Old Flag" on the pa system when the flag is released
(on my command). It's a great crowd please----especially when you fly the jumper to you and catch it---sometimes! It worked great at the noon demo at Top Gun in '03-'04 & '05.
Hope all this stuff helps someone enjoy the hobby-sport and have a great time Rc Skydiving!!!
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