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Default RE: SuperTigre mid-range problems?


I took your advice and bought a Saito 150. All the threads on this engine having a sloppy midrange - changing carbs etc put me off. It's easier for me to buy something I know will run.
There. I've said it. Buy OS. If you can't run a Tigre, you don't know what you are doing. Stick with an engine that comes equipped with training wheels.

The folks that are selling these engines are not helping any. Tigres run best on 5% or no nitro at all. If they have reengineered the engines in their move to China, it would be nice if they had enough good manners to tell the rest of us. Until that happens, let it be known that more than 5% nitro in these engines ON THE AVERAGE (meaning that with a ganging of tolerances, there can be an occasional engine produced that runs well on 50% nitro) will suffer from midrange stumbles and misery. This is not rocket science. It is nothing new. It has always been this way. Why is this such a puzzlement to some people?

Between newbies with no patience and folks writing up incorrect instruction manuals in order to sell a few more engines, regardless of the consequences to their customers, this ongoing diatribe is getting very, very, very old.

Ed Cregger


Well, thanks for not being angry with me for being truthful.

You did the right thing, by the way, although another brand of engine could have been good too.

Ed Cregger