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Default RE: SuperTigre mid-range problems?

I have watched Ed argue on behalf of St's on a couple of forums now, and have mixed words with him and I have come to realize something. I think the choice of the engine has alot to do with the type of flying you wish to do. Purely assuming here, but Ed's signature line says he's been flying since the 50's, so I'd assume he likes to fly sport style planes, or warbirds. If that is the case, these planes usually fly at a low throttle setting, or a high throttle setting and not alot in the midrange. I on the other hand, choose to fly 3D, where almost all of my flying is in the midrange, right where a ST has it's weakness.

After reading and watching ST's fly, I have come to conclusion that a ST might suit you just fine if you want mild sport style flying, but if you want hardcore 3D flying, ST's are probably not your best choice.

By the way, I have yet to see a ST compete in any actual legitimate competition as of yet for pattern or imac classes.