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Default RE: SuperTigre mid-range problems?

I just ran my new g90 again. Tanks#3 and 4. I changed from the stock muffler to a Slimline pitts. The prop is a master airscrew scimitar 13-8. The fuel is 15% Omega. I was able to get the engine to exhibit the rich midrange. In fact, at half throttle it would just quit. I leaned the low needle a little at a time till this went away. All in all, the engine appears to be ready to fly. It will idle at 2500, and top end is 10,600. The low needle is just lean enough so that if I jam the throttle from idle it will hesitate a little. Normal servo speed won't allow this to happen. I even raised the stand to vertical, as if hovering or harriering, and I was able to run the engine at any speed I chose, either steadily or blipping the throttle. My G90 seems to be one of the good ones.

No pump, no plugged muffler outlet, stock ST plug. I'm happy.