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Default RE: SuperTigre mid-range problems?


I liked the Saito on the plane. I had an 18X5 prop on it and it pulled it around nicely but I was never comfortable with it. I probably would have liked it better with the 17X8 that I've got on it now. It pulled more on the low end (benfit of the 4C) than the ST but I felt more comfortable with the ST 2300 on this plane. I'll admit that I was VERY apprehensive about the SuperTigre after seeing all the posts but, it was ordered and on it's way. Plus, I wanted to learn about other engines besides OS and Saito. I've noticed that certain brands can almost take over a field because one guy tells another and another and soon, it's all one-branded. My biggest problem with the Sukhoi or my new Giles is that I need to learn to fly faster. I've got a few floaters (Kadet Senior, Lazy Tiger, Rascal, etc.) but I wanted to extend my horizons into aerobats. I had a few good flights on both this weekend and I'm hoping for more of the same. I may even have to go out and buy a new cowl for the Sukhoi since it flies so nicely. I had wondered about getting a 3250 instead of the 2300 but I'm glad I didn't. More wieght and the plane doesn't need the power. Another added bonus, I think the ST 2300 doesn't use as much fuel as the Saito. Yippee!