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Default RE: SuperTigre mid-range problems?

In my experimentation, I realized that the idle has to be rich enough to compensate for the fact that there is no accelerator pump to jet a stream of fuel into the carb upon instant wide open throttle. You have to richen the low speed to a point that the engine transitions from low to high without hesitation, but not so rich as to cause loading of raw fuel in the crankcase, which makes it slobber and stumble it's way to high speed after idling for any length of time. It's a narrow window. Follow the instructions in the manual for the Idle Mixture Setting: "The easiest way to set the idle needle is to close the throttle so that the drum valve is open approximately the diameter of a pin. ( I use a straight pin) At this point fit a piece of clean fuel tubing on to the inlet nipple and with the main needle open 2 to 3 turns blow through the tube whilst screwing in the idle needle until the air is cut off. At this point open the idle needle between a quarter and half a turn. This will be very close to the perfect setting."[sm=49_49.gif]