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Default RE: SuperTigre mid-range problems?

ORIGINAL: rc34074
Proper back pressure from the muffler makes the tigers tune and run best. They do not take a low idle until they are broken in well, as the ring isn't seated against the cylinder well enough to pull fuel well until they are broken in.
My G90s are well-run in, with about 10 hours on them so far -- and the performance is *worst* with the standard ST muffler - so perhaps we *should* be moaning at ST.

A mousse-can muffler helps a little -- as does everything else -- but there should be no need to mess around with odd-ball plugs, prop-sizes and third-party carbs just to make an off-the-shelf engine run like its competitors do.

So why hassle Super Tiger? Why not get Bisson and Slimline to fix their pitts muffler designs? This would cure most of the problems people have. Or maybe look for another muffler source that has done their job properly.
If it don't run right with the ST muffler, why complain that the Bisson and Slimlines are no better?

As for me I have found the easiest way to fix their mufflers is to close down the outlet tubes until they provide enough back pressure so the carb tunes correctly. This is especially important on the 2300 mufflers, which have outlet tubes that are WAY too big for the 2300. It also helps on the g90 - they are fairly good as Bisson and Slimline make them.
There you go again though -- having to modify stuff to get an off-the-shelf engine to run like it should. I don't have any of these problems with OS, ASP/Magnum, Thunder Tiger or other engine brands.