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Default RE: OS Engine HELP

A couple of things....

First, ditch the old fuel. Get some new 10% nitro fuel of your choice. They all work.

Next, I hope you didn't mess with the settings of the needles. Get out of the habit of doing this. 99% of all engines are set pretty well at the factory. If you did, set the air bleed screw half way across the hole in the front of the carb. Open the main needle a couple of turns.

Third, plain bearing engines can be a little hard to hand start when new. You have to break in not only the piston-sleeve fit, but also the main bushing. It is not as free as are ball bearings until it gets run in. You may need a starter.

Fourth, make sure you have a well charger ignitor battery.

Fifth, find someone from a local club to give you a hand. Find an instructor, not another guy with a trainer, and get him to help.