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Default Old engine start

Quick question. I happened across a deal with a complete plane/engine/radio/etc/etc....... As near as I can tell the engine hasn't been started in 10+ years. I don't know much about it's original owner except that it's been run. I don't know how long or if a proper break-in has been performed. I do know that the tank had some old fuel in it and supposedly the owner pumped the engine full of Marvels Mystery oil before he put the plane on a shelf. The engine seems to spin over well with compression. It's a .40 2 cycle Tigershark or something, it's hard to tell.

My question is how should I start it? Should I treat it like a new engine or give it some gas and go like a seasoned engine? I bought a gallon of 10% mix.

For tuning and the like I'll search in the forums. I'm sure there's lots of info on that subject here.