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Default Trouble with spray bomb painting

I’m painting a cowl that I did some crash repairs on. I’m using a brand of spay enamel that I’ve never heard of before, called X-O Rust. The local hardware was out of white in the major brands.

Well the first coat went fine. After a light wet sanding over the whole cowl, I washed and dried it thoroughly. The second coat was a disaster. A couple small sections wrinkled right up several seconds after the paint hit the surface. My assumption was I must not have cleaned the surface as well as I thought. After another wet sanding to remove the wrinkles I made sure the surface was really clean even using denatured alcohol. Well the third coat did the exact same thing in the same spots.

What is causing this and how can I keep it from happening? The rest of the cowl is looking really good. By the way the spots that are wrinkling are not repaired sections.