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Default acceptable hinge gap

One of my favorite old plastic kits was my Stuka-I was probably about 12 years old- I can't remember what scale it was, but at the time it was probably one of the bigger models I'd built- from a Revelle kit, if I remember correctly. How does the RC version fly? Can you build it scale? Anyways, I've covered the gaps- and thanks to you, MinnFlyer, for your most helpful diagrams- but it still seems that I've got a bit of a gap. By this I mean that while there is no "airspace" between the wing TE and the aileron LE, there's still the same spacing between the TE and LE. Sorry here for the newbie questions, but I'm assuming that the problem of a TE-LE gap (or any control surface gap) has to do with the "airspace" between the two surfaces and not the actual dimensions between the two.