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I always say where theres a will theres a way so , i will get the water cooling once i get the new motor and esc , ive been looking att offshore electrics and found the sv27 esc and some inexpensive brushless motors for it , im going to hook it up with 14 cells and see how fast it goes. I have a question about the motors specifically , they give a rating at the top of 5,096rpm/volt , the cheapest motor has the highest of this rating and im trying to figure out why that would mean at 16.8 volts it would push close to 95,000 rpms , does that mena no load rpms and when i put it in the water its much less than that , or is that just actually what it is. I dont know much about brushless so input would be helpful , i will keep coming back as this moves along and get the handling issues tweaked out , right now im just trying to get the prop spinning faster and of course modding in a water jjacket , my plan with the water cooling is to heat the plastic and bend it in a little bit right there in case you were wondering removing it would put a hole in the hull and i dont want that. I also need a better way to mount the motor and space is very limited in the motor area ok thanks