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Default RE: Engine for Midwest Super Stinker



My Super Stinker is still waiting for covering. However, I fly a Cermark Pitts S2B that is very similar in size, weight, and wing area with a Moki 1.35. The 1.35 has plenty of power for all standard aerobatics. I think the 1.50 Irvine should work well in the Stinker.

Thank you for the encouraging reply. I figured it would be adequate and I like scale flight performance. The Irvine have become uneffective, cost wise that is, to be marketed in North America. The Irvine 1.50 was $489.00 (w/o muffler) Cdn and cheap at that at a large retailer who dropped the line. Once Sig quit distributing the, that was it. Many people have no experience with their stump pulling ways and when I have asked them the question they cannot honestly answer.

It's good to have a positive second opinion to my own. The model is in that size range where it can get heavy with gas or expensive with glow fuel. I think the Irvine will run on FAI fuel.

Thanks, John