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Default RE: Engine for Midwest Super Stinker

ORIGINAL: jstanton


Yes he does. He has 2 engines that are in that arena. A 46cc you can get with ei or magneto that puts out almost 30lbs of thrust. I have the new 42cc w/ei that will put out 25lbs of thrust and it is going on the GP GBS. It will hover that big red bird. Both engines weigh about the same(right at 4lbs w/ei). Scott says the 46cc is better pulling larger props at a lower rpm and the 42cc is better with a smaller prop at higher RPM. You can get eith the 42cc or 46cc from starting at $325.00 w/ei or you can get the 46cc with magneto for $240.00.

Give Scott or Mark a e-maill at
Those thrust numbers seem a little high IMO. Were they from Scott's thrust measuring scale? If so then I would have to believe them. His thrust scale is pretty good design.