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Default RE: 69" QQ Yak-54

THis plane is about the same price as the 73" but you can get by with a much cheaper power supply. Wonder how the flight performances will differ between the two?

I had a Funtana 100X and did not like the way the tail feathers where built, or lack there of.... I am intersted in how this plane flies....
ANyone flown this yet? Is there any pulling or are the rolls very axial?

I had a 120Ax in the Funtana100X and thought it had lacked pulling power, especially out of hovers..... Others said the the 125 saito was not very good either.... But then it was stated by another person that he had a saito 125 and sold it for a 120AX and he loved it...

I had some damage to my plane and then repairs, so it is possible that it was these repairs that caused it to have more wieght and therefore it didn't have good excess power....

I think most would want a saito 180 in this plane, so that you could get out of troublle when you needed to ....

Just my thoughts


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