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Default RE: 69" QQ Yak-54

Hi Guys,

When I did the video, engine had hardly two tanks through it. In fact the video is of my second or third flight and never did break it in either. At that time I flew the plane with an APC 16x8. Top speed was awesome but pull out of the hover and thrust wasn't quite there! After about a gallon and half, suddenly I had a new motor, I am not exaggerating if I told you I gained about 25-30% more power. I finally got an APC 17x6 and WOLLA, it was a whole different plane. Thrust was awesome and pull outs were FAST and with Authority. I need to do another video to show you this. Give me sometime and I will do it.

For guys that like to see a solid mid-range torque I recommend a YS 1.10. With the OS you still need to carry the throttle around half but no problems to bail out unless you are in high altitude. I really like the combo and I think a YS 1.10 is also a great match.

BTW, stay tuned an electric conversion of this plane will be coming soon as well.

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