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Default RE: New Great Planes Revolver

I spoke with Gordon Banks of RC Report last week and they have one on the way for a review, but I doubt I will be willing to wait until they can publish a formal review, those Tower gift certificates from my Bday just HAVE to be used[8D]
I too am interested to see if the engine can be mounted so the stock muffler can be under the plane, I hate to go with a Pitts style due to having to play with the outlets to get the back pressure correct, I'm having that issue right now with a Goldberg (BIY) Extra 300. and Slimline Pitts, even one outlet plugged is not enough, but then the outlet on the stock muffler is way smaller than even the single outlet on the Slimline
I have a recently broken in Evo .61NT that should be plenty of power for the Revolver, currently it's sitting on the front half of the fuselage of my H9 Twist 60 (yes there are two halves to the fuse now), which needs major repair that I won't get into until building season.
One thing I am interested to see is if the LG positioning will make it have a tendency to nose over on grass, this has been a gripe with the Reactor that GP released a little earlier, we have one at our field and it flies like it's on rails[8D]
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