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Not many people at my field have 2.4GHz but so far I've witnessed 3 big crashes due to incorrect antennae installation in the Rx. This is one of the main reasons that makes me want to remain using 72MHz. Am I just being paranoid, or should I still consider 72MHz over 2.4GHz?
they must have really done a really bad install of the radio too................right now i have the 6EX 2.4Ghz, and on the range check (power down) i get over 100 paces, but 50 is more than enough.
now to really see what would happen with the antenna installed incorectly, we taped the 2 antennas together and routed them back under the reciever and servos.............still got the same range.
there are several other flyers at our club that are using Futaba and JR, and no one has had one problem yet.....not even a hiccup.
and again, the nice thing is, when you are up in the air, you have no worries about someone switching on and shooting you down.
so yes, you are paranoid.